Farm4Bayanihan Project Update

Posted on October 14, 2023

Farm4Bayanihan Project Update in Lasang, Davao City
At Waste4Good Technologies, we're passionate about sustainable agriculture and making a positive impact. Here are some exciting updates from our Farm4Bayanihan project in Lasang, Davao City and our research on farming in high-saline soil:

???? Our Farm4Bayanihan is growing:
Our Lasang farm is flourishing! Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated farmers, we're seeing a bountiful harvest of various crops, ensuring the community has access to fresh, locally sourced produce.

????????? Empowering Women Farmers:
Farm4Bayanihan is about more than just crops. We're empowering local farmers through training and resources, improving their livelihoods, and strengthening food security in the community.

???? High-Saline Soil Research:
In addition to our farm work, we're making strides in research to tackle the challenges of farming in high-saline soil. This could be a game-changer, making previously unusable land productive.

Stay tuned for detailed impact metrics, highlighting the positive changes your support has made in Lasang, Davao City, and our promising developments in high-saline soil farming.
Thank you for being part of our mission to create a sustainable future. Together, we're making a real difference! ????????