About us

Waste4Good (W4G) is an agriculture technology and social enterprise that aims to utilize food waste and address food security through the establishment of sustainable urban and rural garden farming projects.

Our company has been a recipient of both local and international awards and recognition including the Accenture Startup grant thru UP Engineering Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (UPERDFI), the UNDP ISIP-Australian Aid grant and Mindanao’s ONLY grantee for DOST WHWise Cycle 2.

Currently, we are producing an organic Compost Activator Solution (CAS) that improves soil conditions and supports crops growth through utilizing indigenous microbes and biodegradable waste. Our solution is laboratory proven to increase yields and plant growth by 50% (tested in vegetables, herbs, flowers, and is currently undergoing trials with Cacao) over 2 months of application and offers 20% faster crop growth compared to the other similar products in the market.

Here's what sets us apart:

1. Innovative Agri-Tech Focus:  Waste4Good specializes in cutting-edge agricultural technologies, channeling our expertise to combat food scarcity.

2. Enhanced Compost Activator Solution (CAS):  Our revolutionary eCAS technology transforms food waste into a non-harmful fertilizer. This accelerates plant growth and facilitates rapid waste decomposition, creating a valuable liquid fertilizer.

3. Product Portfolio:

- Waste4Good eCAS: Utilizes food waste to enhance soil fertility, promoting robust crop growth.
- Roof4Farm: Harnesses urban spaces, turning rooftops into flourishing gardens, ensuring food production in urban landscapes. Learn more about Roof4Farm.
- Farm4Bayanihan: Integrates food waste into agricultural practices, fostering sustainable food sources for both urban and rural communities. Learn more about Farm4Bayanihan

4. Community-Centric Approach: Waste4Good's initiatives are geared toward creating sustainable food ecosystems, ensuring food security for diverse communities.

Join us in our journey to transform waste into a valuable resource, securing a food-secure future for all.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to create innovations for a sustainable environment and agriculture for the younger generations.

Mission Statement

- To provide products with high-quality at given reasonable pricing;
- To empower the people within the organization to do better everyday;
- To improve the daily lives of our customers and employees; &
- To incorporate Agile methods in any aspect of the organization.

Core Values

1. Integrity
2. Empathy
3. Humility
4. Growth

Our team

Lorilyn Daquioag
Karla Katrina Liwanag
Aylmer Dela Cruz
Nikko Guiam
Jayson Tayco
W4G Microbiologist